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Ceramic Capacitor 0805 473K

Ceramic Capacitor 0805 473K

Trade Info
Type: Ceramic Trimming Capacitor
Package Type: Surface Mount
Application: Power
Export Markets: Global
Basic Info
Type:Ceramic Trimming Capacitor
Package Type:Surface Mount
Export Markets:Global
Product Description

MLCC consists of a conducting material and electrodes.
To manufacture a chip-type SMT and achieve miniaturization, high density and high efficiency, ceramic condensers are used. WTC's MLCC is made by NPO, X7R and Y5V dielectric material and which provides product with high electrical precision, stability and reliability.

[1] A wide selection of sizes is available (0402 to 1812).
[2] High capacitance in given case size.
[3] Capacitor with lead-free termination (pure Tin).
[1] For general digital circuit.
[2] For power supply bypass capacitors.
[3] For consumer electronics. [4] For telecommunication.

Capacitance: 0.047UF
Rated Voltage: 50V
Case Size / Dimension: 0805(2012)
Capacitance Tolerance: ± 10%
Temperature Characteristics / Dielectric: X7R
Operating Temperature Range: -55° C to +125° C
Brand Name: Fenghua/Yageo/TDK
Lead-Free Type
RoHS Compliant
Package: SMD
0805 Series
General Purpose Capacitors
Packing: 4, 000 units / reel
Part Number: 0402 Series(1005), 0603 Series(1608), 0805 Series(2012), 1206 Series(3216), 1210 Series(3225), 1812 Series(4532).
SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Mass Stock
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